New Office Policy on Prescription Refills including Controlled Substances

In adherence to The Virginia Board of Medicine prescribing guidelines for Controlled Substances, our office has implemented the following protocol.   “Please note these policies are in accordance with Virginia Law.”

Effective immediately all prescription refill requests including Controlled Substances require 72 hour notice for your refill.  We will no longer accommodate same day prescription refill requests.

In no event will controlled substance prescriptions be mailed to patients.

If you are prescribed a medication for pain management (ie all opioids, including Tramadol), per Virginia Board of Medicine prescribing guidelines for Controlled Substances, you are required to:

  • Sign our Controlled Substances Policy.
  • You will need to be seen for an office visit every three months for your “pain management”. Failure to keep these appointments could prevent your medication refill.  Please note: If you do not have an appointment already scheduled within the next three months, please contact our scheduling department so that they can schedule your appointment.
  • You will be subject to random “urine drug screenings” as per Virginia Board of Medicine prescribing guidelines. Failure to comply with such requests for screening or screening results that indicate failure to comply with the prescribed dosage, multiple sources of controlled substances, or illegal or illicit drug usage may result in dismissal from the practice.

Thank you for allowing us to participate in your medical care.